Welcome to Halal Expo Nigeria

ABOUT The exhibition

Nigeria has over 100 million Muslim population which makes it an ideal marketplace and a place worth
trillions of Dollars. The Halal industry now spans across food processing, food service, cosmetics,
personal care, pharmaceuticals & logistics industries and expanding further into lifestyle offerings
including Halal travel & hospitality services.


As the Halal movement gains traction, the global industry sets its sights on Nigeria’s growing demand
for Shariah-compliant goods. Home to one of the world’s largest Muslim population next to Indonesia,
India, Nigeria does have one of the world’s most viable Halal markets.
Halal markets have grown from Halal food to new areas like Halal cosmetics, Halal logistics, Halal
fashion, and Muslim-friendly tour and travel services. Islamic finance, relatively a mature interest-free
market that caters to the Muslim consumer, has estimated the total assets of shariah-compliant
products across the world.


This Expo covers over 30 sectors such as: Consumer Electronics, ICT Products, House Hold
Products, Electrical Appliances, Fashion and Accessories, Digital and IT consumer products, Interior
and Home Decor, Light, lamp and Electrical Appliances, Fashion, Clothes and Textile, FMCG,
Jewellery, bags and purse, Leather Products, vertical plantation, Diary products, Home furniture and
utilities, baby and kids products, craft items, foods, health and fitness, personal care, body spa
fragrance, travel and tourism, handicraft, eco friendly products, technology innovation, eductaion,
tourism, media, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.