Welcome to Halal Expo Nigeria

Visitors profile

  1. Distributors.
  2. Import-Export Companies.
  3. Wholesalers.
  4. Manufacturers.
  5. Trading Companies.
  6. Investors.
  7. Service suppliers.
  8. Retail & Chain supermarkets.
  9. HORECA representatives.
  10. Tourism Operators and agencies.
  11. Tourism industry suppliers.
  12. Domestic missions.
  13. Governmental purchasing authorities.
  14. Public institutions and organizations.
  15. Others.

why visit halal nigeria expo?

  1. Nigeria First International Halal Expo.
  2. Participation From Major Halal Countries (Indonesia, Malaysia,
    Turkey, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Korea, Thailand,
    Iran, Bangladesh, Srilanka, & Other egzpt, Morocco, Algeria and
    other Countries in West Africa).
  3. Opportunity to be a part of 200 exhibitors & 50,000 visitors.
  4. Networking opportunity with global halal industries.
  5. Food, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Tourism, Modest Lifestyle, Education,
    Finance & Many Other Industries to be present at show.